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About Us

The Ascension Providence Breast Health Center in Waco, Texas, provides high-quality breast imaging and diagnosis.

ur Breast Health Center has a spa-like design just for women. We listen to understand your health concerns and provide the care that is right for you.  Schedule a mammogram online or call 254-235-3535.

3D mammograms, known as digital breast tomosynthesis, are the latest tool in the fight against breast cancer. By taking a series of images and viewing them as individual thin layers instead of looking at all breast tissue at once, your doctor can see your mammogram results more clearly. This revolutionary screening and diagnostic process is designed to improve early breast cancer detection.

The Ascension Providence Breast Health Center offers:

  • Advanced 3D digital mammography
  • Nurse breast health navigator
  • On-site healthcare professionals
  • Hologic MammoPad Cushion for added comfort

The American College of Radiology encourages all women age 40 and older to have an annual mammogram. Early detection is vitally important for effective cancer treatment.

Our Ascension Providence Breast Health Center care team will help make you as comfortable as possible.